The Work Account has 142 levy risk groups. All of the classification units in a levy risk group are involved in similar activities and have similar claim histories.  

You can find out what your levies might be by using the ACC levy calculators.

There is a document with information specific to each levy risk group. Download and view these for the 2017 to 2019 levy period:

InfoPack 010 Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Plant and Crop Growing

InfoPack 012 Poultry Farming

InfoPack 014 Other Livestock Farming

InfoPack 016 Beef and Sheep Farming

InfoPack 018 Dairy Cattle Farming

InfoPack 021 Agriculture and Fishing Services and Aquaculture

InfoPack 025 Ocean and Coastal Fishing

InfoPack 041 Forestry, Hunting and Trapping

InfoPack 051 Shearing

InfoPack 081 Exploration and Mining

InfoPack 110 Dairy, Sugar and Confectionary Manufacturing and Packaging

InfoPack 113 Bread and Baking Ingredients Manufacturing

InfoPack 114 Food and Animal Feeds Manufacturing

InfoPack 116 Fruit, Vegetable and Oil Processing

InfoPack 117 Seafood, Meat and Grain Product Manufacturing

InfoPack 119 Meat Processing

InfoPack 121 Beverage, Tobacco and Snack Manufacturing

InfoPack 131 Textile and Rubber Product Manufacturing

InfoPack 133 Textile and Textile Product Manufacturing

InfoPack 135 Skin and Hide Processing

InfoPack 141 Wood Products Manufacturing and Dealing

InfoPack 143 Timber Processing

InfoPack 151 Paper and Paper Product Manufacturing

InfoPack 153 Paper Product and Wood Panel Manufacturing

InfoPack 161 Printing and Associated Services

InfoPack 171 Petroleum, Gas and Inorganic Chemical Products

InfoPack 173 Petroleum and Chemical Products – medium risk group

InfoPack 181 Organic Chemicals and Chemical Products

InfoPack 183 Pharmaceutical and Chemical Product Manufacturing

InfoPack 191 Plastic Products

InfoPack 201 Ceramic, Glass and Non metallic Products

InfoPack 203 Mineral Products

InfoPack 211 Non-Ferrous Metals and Products Manufacturing

InfoPack 213 Iron and Steel Manufacturing

InfoPack 220 Metal Product Manufacturing and Trade Training

InfoPack 222 Aluminium and Metal Products

InfoPack 224 Sheet Metal Products

InfoPack 226 Metal Products – medium risk group

InfoPack 228 Structural Metal Industries

InfoPack 231 Aviation, Electronic and Electrical Manufacturing

InfoPack 233 Automotive and Transport Manufacturing

InfoPack 235 Shipbuilding

InfoPack 237 Boatbuilding

InfoPack 241 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing – lower-medium risk group

InfoPack 243 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing – medium risk group

InfoPack 251 Manufacturing – low risk group

InfoPack 253 Furniture and Other Manufacturing

InfoPack 261 Electricity Generation and Supply

InfoPack 271 Non-Electricity Utilities and Network Infrastructure

InfoPack 291 Waste Services

InfoPack 301 Other Building Construction

InfoPack 303 House Construction

InfoPack 311 Road and Bridge Construction

InfoPack 313 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

InfoPack 315 Land Development Services

InfoPack 320 Agricultural Plumbing and Homeware Goods Wholesaling

InfoPack 321 Electrical Services

InfoPack 322 Heating, Ventilation and Alarm Services

InfoPack 323 Plumbing and Building Completion Services

InfoPack 324 Painting and Decorating Services

InfoPack 326 Construction and Building Trade Services

InfoPack 328 Structural Trade Services

InfoPack 331 Commission-based Wholesaling

InfoPack 333 Grocery and Produce Wholesaling

InfoPack 341 Electrical, Electronic and Specialty Goods Wholesaling

InfoPack 343 Specialised Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling

InfoPack 345 Hardware Goods Wholesaling

InfoPack 351 Vehicle and Machinery Wholesaling

InfoPack 361 Fish, Meats and Dairy Produce Wholesaling

InfoPack 371 Wholesale Trade – low risk group

InfoPack 373 Other Wholesaling and Support Services

InfoPack 391 Car Retailing

InfoPack 393 Motor Trade Wholesaling and Retailing

InfoPack 395 Motor Trade Services

InfoPack 411 Food Retailing

InfoPack 420 Pharmacies and Associated Retailing

InfoPack 422 Clothing and Footwear Retailing

InfoPack 424 Retail Trade – low risk group

InfoPack 426 Retail Trade – low medium risk group

InfoPack 428 Store and Non-store Retailing

InfoPack 441 Hospitality Services

InfoPack 451 Catering and Meal Services

InfoPack 461 Road Passenger and Rail Transport

InfoPack 463 Road Freight Transport

InfoPack 491 Air Transport and Support Services

InfoPack 493 Air Operations – higher risk group

InfoPack 501 Water and Scenic Transport

InfoPack 511 Postal and Courier Services

InfoPack 521 Travel, Customs and Shipping Agency Services

InfoPack 523 Other Transport and Transport Services

InfoPack 525 Stevedoring

InfoPack 531 Warehousing and Storage

InfoPack 541 Publishing

InfoPack 581 Communications and Information Services

InfoPack 621 Finance, Insurance and Statistical Services

InfoPack 641 Financial and Rental Services

InfoPack 661 Transport and Machinery Rental Services

InfoPack 671 Real Estate Services

InfoPack 673 Property Development and Operation

InfoPack 691 Advertising and Photographic Services

InfoPack 693 Design and Engineering Services

InfoPack 695 Scientific Research Services

InfoPack 697 Scientific and Veterinary Services

InfoPack 701 Computer Services

InfoPack 720 Legal Services

InfoPack 721 Accounting Services

InfoPack 723 Management and Consulting Services

InfoPack 724 Business Support Services

InfoPack 726 Administrative Services

InfoPack 728 Labour Supply Services – medium risk group

InfoPack 751 Government Administration

InfoPack 753 Local Government, Public Order and Regulatory Services

InfoPack 755 Justice

InfoPack 761 Defence

InfoPack 771 Police Services

InfoPack 773 Inspection, Investigation and Security Services

InfoPack 775 Corrective Services

InfoPack 777 Fire and Emergency Services

InfoPack 801 Primary and Secondary Education

InfoPack 811 Tertiary Education

InfoPack 821 Community and Arts Education

InfoPack 841 Hospital and Midwifery Services

InfoPack 851 Medical and Optical Services

InfoPack 853 Dental Services

InfoPack 855 Health and Community Services

InfoPack 861 Preschool Education and Child Care

InfoPack 863 Medical and Social Support Services

InfoPack 865 Aged and Residential Care and Ambulance Services

InfoPack 901 Entertainment Broadcasting and Distribution

InfoPack 903 Entertainment and Performing Arts

InfoPack 911 Sporting and Recreational Activities – lower risk group

InfoPack 913 Recreational Facilities Operation

InfoPack 915 Sporting and Recreational Activities – medium risk group

InfoPack 917 Equine and Sporting Activities – medium-high risk group

InfoPack 919 Equine and Sporting Activities – high risk group

InfoPack 921 Museums and Gambling Activities

InfoPack 941 Repair and Maintenance – low risk group

InfoPack 943 Repair and Maintenance – medium risk group

InfoPack 945 Facilities Maintenance and Management

InfoPack 951 Business and Community Organisations

InfoPack 953 Personal and Community Activities

InfoPack 955 Laundries and Dry Cleaners