Phase two closed for feedback

Enhancing AEP: What we learnt in phase one

In May, we asked you what an enhanced Accredited Employers Programme should look like, thank you for your feedback.

The first stage of enhancing the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP) took us across New Zealand to reengage with the AEP community and discuss the draft changes to the programme with you.

We also asked for your feedback here on Shape your ACC, for more information please have a look at Enhancing the Accredited Employers Programme information we shared during phase one:

What you told us

Generally, feedback was positive. While some accredited employers (AEs), third party administrators (TPAs), and unions felt the amount of time it had taken to get to this point was too long, feedback was that the draft model begins to solve the painful parts of the programme.

You told us that the move toward having closer relationships, using data intelligently and the shift away from yearly audits was positive. However, the enhanced programme appears to be less attractive for some, with decreasing incentives and additional responsibility to maintain AEP participation.

Next step

Overall, your feedback told us that the enhanced AEP model is generally on the right track. Our next task is to dig deeper into some of the features of the proposed model to ensure that AEP provides value.

We’re seeking input from Accredited Employers (AEs) and employees, worker representatives, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) on the following features of the enhanced AEP model. Take a look and tell us what you think:

  1. How could accreditation improve workplace health and safety?
  2. How can we improve the certification process?
  3. How can we improve performance monitoring?
  4. How can we enable Accredited Employers to improve performance?
  5. Measuring worker influence, satisfaction and experience 
Closed for feedback

We have further developed and road tested the proposed changes to AEP with your help. The next step is to review your feedback. 

Jun 2019
Phase two closed for feedback

We 'unpacked' key priority areas with you and developed areas of the programme that required more work.

Sep 2019
Phase three: update

We'd hoped to share more information with you in September however we're still finalising the potential programme improvements based on the feedback we've received. We're also working on options for delivery of any initial programme changes. 

Proposed changes to AEP finalised

ACC Board and Minister for ACC to review our proposal. 

2020 Levy Consultation

Proposed changes to AEP included in the 2020 Consultation.