Phase three: update

Measuring worker influence, satisfaction and experience

Making sure that workers are safe and well is at the heart of the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP).

Workers should receive the same, or better, service than they would get if their claim was managed by us. This means that workers need to be engaged, feel they can participate, and are represented in their workplace health, safety and wellbeing initiatives.

We’ve heard that just seeking feedback on satisfaction isn’t a good enough measure, so we’re looking at ways to get genuine and effective workers voices to influence AEP – both as we continue to enhance the programme and when the changes are implemented.

In the enhanced programme, the workers voice will be an influencing and active component of accreditation. Understanding what is happening on the ground from the worker perspective helps to build a robust assessment of an Accredited Employer’s (AEs) performance.

AEs will need to demonstrate evidence they have appropriate channels in place to collect the voice of their workers, and that workers are engaged and participate in the identification and implementation of improvement initiatives.

Closed for feedback

This consultation is now closed, thank you for your feedback. 

Jun 2019
Phase two closed for feedback

We 'unpacked' key priority areas with you and developed areas of the programme that required more work. 

Sep 2019
Phase three: update

We'd hoped to share more information with you in September however we're still finalising the potential programme improvements based on the feedback we've received. We're also working on options for delivery of any initial programme changes. 

Proposed changes to AEP finalised

ACC Board and Minister for ACC to review our proposal. 

2020 Levy Consultation

Proposed changes to AEP included in the 2020 Levy Consultation.