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How can we put worker wellbeing at the centre of AEP?

We want to make worker outcomes central to the AEP programme. Are our options for improvement on the right track?

Proposed changes to improve worker outcomes

Positive outcomes for workers, including being satisfied with the experience, is central to the programme.

We’re considering a number of improvements when workers do get injured to ensure effective cover decisions are made and return to work is appropriate.

Routing of new claim information

We know the submission of ACC45 forms can cause issues so we are considering:

  • Us acting as a clearing house for all forms so we can effectively redistribute these and remove the guesswork for medical providers, or:
  • Improving communication with medical providers so they can easily identify the right place to send forms. 

Separation of cover decision and liability decision

We want to improve how and when cover decisions are made so are considering:

  • Separating cover decisions and liability decisions so that treatment and compensation for injured workers can begin without delay. AEs can then make liability decisions and work with us to transfer claims where non-work injuries occur, or:
  • We make all cover decisions to avoid delays, but liability decisions and claims management still stays with the AE or TPA.

Determining capacity to work

We want to make sure there are good and consistent practices when determining capacity to work so are considering:

  • Providing high-level principles, or:
  • Prescribing a best-practice approach through consultation with medical professionals, AEs, and TPAs.
    We’ll also set out specific claims management performance measures which are in line with our own expectations of service.

More information

To get a better understanding of how it could work, see our scenario on when a worker is injured.

Download scenario 6. A worker is injured

Current state

Workers employed by AEs are not consistently aware of their rights and responsibilities when injured.

Process issues, such as routing of claim information and decision making for both cover and liability, are impacting the experience of injured workers and their ability to return to work.

Future state

Regardless of the options chosen the experience of the injured worker will be paramount. We will set expectations that AE or TPA service levels match or exceed our own service.

Scenario 6. A worker is injured
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Closed for feedback

We have further developed and road tested the proposed changes to AEP with your help. The next step is to review your feedback. 

Jun 2019
Phase two closed for feedback

We 'unpacked' key priority areas with you and developed areas of the programme that required more work.

Sep 2019
Phase three: update

We'd hoped to share more information with you in September however we're still finalising the potential programme improvements based on the feedback we've received. We're also working on options for delivery of any initial programme changes. 

Proposed changes to AEP finalised

ACC Board and Minister for ACC to review our proposal 

2020 Levy Consultation

Proposed changes to AEP included in the 2020 Levy Consultation