Closed for feedback

What will an enhanced AEP look like?

Over the last two years we’ve been seeking feedback on ways to enhance AEP. Are we on the right track?

Over the coming months, we’d like to get your input into further developing and road testing the proposed changes to AEP. This will directly shape the final programme design that is planned for inclusion in the 2020 Levy consultation.

The goal of AEP is to promote a safer environment for workers, and a better experience when an injury occurs and a claim is made. So how do we achieve this?

Positioning AEP as a programme for ‘the best of the best’

The new model will include an expectation that businesses in the programme are leaders in all aspects of health and safety, including but not limited to claims management. Where relevant, performance should meet or exceed the standard set by us. The new model should not be perceived as a way to cut costs.

Putting worker wellbeing at the centre

One of the core goals of AEP is to promote a safer environment for workers, and a better experience when an injury occurs and a claim is made. To do this worker voice and satisfaction will be monitored and built into entry requirements and ongoing performance discussions.

Incentives that drive performance

Strong performance will be rewarded by the ability to access greater levy discounts and light touch engagement with us. Performance data will also be used to manage poor performers, with the ability to manage a business out of the programme if performance is below expectations and/or not improving.

Building a culture of continuous improvement

To support a culture of excellence in injury and claims management, injury prevention and health and safety, there will be a focus on improving practice and performance through investment rather than meeting minimum standards via an audit. This will be supported by the introduction of an improvement framework as part of the entry criteria and ongoing performance monitoring. Improvements will be informed by the voice of the worker, and if necessary we may work closely with the Accredited Employer (AE) to identify where investments will be most effective.

Holistic and outcomes-focused performance system

To support meaningful discussions about performance and shift from a compliance-driven approach to an outcomes and improvement-focused approach, ACC and Accredited Employer (AE) will need to have access to data that describes performance holistically. This will include outcome indicators (e.g. injuries) as well as indicators for performance in prevention of injuries, injury management, claims management and satisfaction. 

Quality assurance through certification

Accreditation will include a certification component to ensure that claims management practices and processes meet expectations for participation in the programme. Third Party Administrators (TPAs) claims management expertise will be formally recognised through this process.

Working together to achieve better outcomes

Rather than conducting compliance audits regardless of how a business is performing, we will focus on providing guidance and will tailor involvement based on performance. Businesses will need to demonstrate the quality of their health and safety systems by achieving an external standard, such as ISO 45001 SafePlus.

If a business is performing well (e.g good worker satisfaction, low injury rates) then engagement will be light touch. A business that is struggling will be offered additional guidance to improve and remain in the programme.

Managing the system rather than the contract

We connect with and provide guidance to Third Party Administrators (TPAs) as well as Accredited Employers (AEs). We understand worker experience and measure AE and TPA performance.

We’ve broken down our proposed enhancements into seven areas to gather feedback.

Please look at each of these proposed enhancements and provide your feedback.

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What will an enhanced AEP look like
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May 2019
Closed for feedback

We have further developed and road tested the proposed changes to AEP with your help. The next step is to review your feedback. 

Jun 2019
Phase two closed for feedback

We 'unpacked' key priority areas with you and developed areas of the programme that required more work.

Sep 2019
Phase three: update

We'd hoped to share more information with you in September however we're still finalising the potential programme improvements based on the feedback we've received. We're also working on options for delivery of any initial programme changes. 

Proposed changes to AEP finalised

ACC Board and Minister for ACC to review our proposal 

2020 Levy Consultation

Proposed changes to AEP included in the 2020 Levy Consultation