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Our draft concept

Together with a group of representatives from the sector, we have worked through all the feedback received to develop a high-level concept of how ACC could work differently with General Practice. Have your say on the framework we’re proposing.

What we’ve done so far

Urban GP, nurse, and nurse practitioner services (those outside of rural areas and urgent care clinic contracts) are funded by ACC via the Cost of Treatment Regulations on a fee-per-visit basis.

General Practice has indicated they'd like to see a more flexible approach to the way we work together. We agree and have been exploring this approach collaboratively with the General Practice sector. This would create efficiencies for clients, providers and ACC.

We held a series of roadshows earlier this year where we explored what ‘better could look like’ and, together with a sector working group, we have worked through the feedback we received.

From there, we held a series of co-design sessions where we agreed a vision, an understanding of constraints, principles for a new framework, and opportunities to change to how we deliver services.

Where we're at now

The key information on our proposed approach is summarised below — you can find more detail in the PDF attachments at the bottom of this page.

Concept vision and goals

At the heart of this work is our shared purpose to enable the best possible outcomes and experiences for patients and their whānau.

We need to ensure that we have a shared understanding of the problems, opportunities, and priorities, so we know that we’re putting our efforts where they will have most impact.

We have identified that a key problem lies with our current model which focuses on payment transactions rather than client outcomes.

We want to create a collaborative, strategic relationship where General Practice and ACC can work together to explore new opportunities to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders. 

Relationship framework and governance

What we’re proposing is more than an operational shift — it’s about collaborating and working together differently.

We’re proposing a new framework that we can collectively sign-up to that guides our new way of working together. This shift includes setting up a governance/relationship framework that will enable:

  • strategic discussion about the needs of the population
  • innovation to deliver better patient outcomes and system efficiencies
  • discussion on future challenges and opportunities
  • both sides to hold each other to account. 

Service delivery and roadmap

A key priority from the roadshow and the co-design working group sessions is the need to redesign the clinical consultation. This will overcome some current limitations with the current model. A new commercial agreement is also needed to support this change.

In revisiting the clinical consultation, we propose to explore several factors, including enabling multidisciplinary teams and virtual technology, and funding for non-clinician-specific services and after-hours and weekend work.

The supporting commercial agreement will need to cover a range of functions such as the delivery of culturally appropriate services and quality measures. Our intention is to develop an agreement which is modular and adaptable to individual practise choice for service delivery.

What we propose to deliver in 2020

  1. A new framework covering:
    • the relationship structure between ACC and the general practice sector

    • processes for shared learning and decision making, and monitoring of service delivery

    • quality and cultural capability standards and objectives

    • contract structure and requirements to enable delivery of services

    • information and system requirements to produce meaningful data for collaborative, informed decision making and continuous improvement.

  2. Agreement for service delivery by General Practice teams including:
    • redesign of the ‘clinical consultation’ to enable General Practice teams to better meet the injury needs of their patients

    • data and reporting essential to providing visibility of quality and value

    • patient outcome and experience measures.

  3. A roadmap of priorities for future iteration and evolution. 

Let us know how we’re going

Read more about the work our co-design working group have been undertaking and let us know your thoughts using the feedback form.

We value your input and feedback on these themes and encourage you to let us know if we’re on the right track.

GP Connect relationship framework governance summary
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GP Connect service delivery and roadmap
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GP Connect vision and goals summary
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22 Nov 2019
Open for feedback

This consultation is now open. Let us know what you think.

Dec 2019
Closed for feedback

This consultation is now closed. We appreciate all the submissions we've received!