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Should you get a discount on your rego if you own more than one vehicle?

We charge a full levy for every vehicle on the road. But some people own multiple vehicles. Should they be given a discount?

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What we asked

In our proposal we asked if you should get a discount on your rego if you own more than one vehicle.

What you told us

This topic received the most feedback of the seven future work proposals.

  • Most submitters on this proposal supported a potential vehicle registration discount for owners of more than one vehicle. Among those in favour of the discount, a common sentiment is that the cost of ownership and rego for multiple vehicles is too expensive at present
  • Submitters who own more than one vehicle told us its unfair that they're levied for multiple motor vehicles when they can only drive one vehicle at a time
  • Some submitters noted that they rarely have all their vehicles registered, especially motorcycle and hobby vehicle owners because the cost of multiple regos is unaffordable for them
  • There was strong support from motorcyclists and hobby vehicle owners who own multiple vehicles but only use them sporadically
  • A small number of submitters challenged the idea of a discount for multiple vehicle owners. They raised concerns that people will 'cheat the system', for example, families could register multiple vehicles under a shared name.
  • Others worried about the environmental impacts of the discount, noting that it may encourage ownership of multiple vehicles and further increase the number of vehicles on the road.

What next?

We'll consider all submissions received for this proposal to inform the exploratory work we'll be doing during the 2019 to 2021 levy period on providing rego discounts for people who own multiple vehicles in future levy years.

We'll share the findings of this exploratory work as part of the 2020 levy consultation.

Our original proposal

We received lots of feedback in the 2016 levy consultation from owners of multiple vehicles. They suggested that road users should get a rego reduction if they drive more than one vehicle.

Currently, you'll pay a full ACC levy for each vehicle. The cost of this can be very high for motorcyclists with multiple bikes, as the levy rate for a motorcycle is higher than for other vehicle classes.

Between 2019 and 2021 we’ll be investigating the possibility of providing discounts for people who own multiple vehicles.

This could be for all types of vehicles, or it could be just for motorcycles due to their higher costs.

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27 Sep 2018
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We were open for feedback from 27 September 2018 to 25 October 2018.

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