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What do you think about our injury prevention initiative funding for businesses?

To help New Zealand businesses make health and safety improvements, we've worked with businesses and key stakeholders to develop new injury prevention initiatives.

Our next steps

What we asked

In our proposal we asked what you think about our injury prevention initiative funding for business.

What you told us

  • Submitters told us that cost is often the main barrier to implementing health and safety improvements in the workplace
  • Submitters told us these are great initiatives that could result in fewer accidents in the workplace
  • Submitters commented that they want to see the eligibility criteria reviewed for injury prevention subsidies, recommending that the minimum number of employees could be reduced to include smaller businesses.

What next?

We'll consider all submissions received for this proposal to inform the future work programme for injury prevention grants and subsidies.

Injury prevention subsidies are currently available for the construction and health care sectors, and we plan to release new subsidies in 2019. We intend to make injury prevention grants available from February 2019.

Our original proposal

We're introducing co-investment funding for injury prevention initiatives. We're proposing to prioritise these across the highest-risk sectors each year.

Injury prevention subsidies and grants will be available from March 2019. Initiatives could include:

  • funding for new equipment or technology
  • researching an idea
  • more people trained in health and safety practices.
New workplace incentives and ACC proposals for future work
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27 Sep 2018
Open for feedback

We were open for feedback from 27 September 2018 to 25 October 2018.

25 Oct 2018
Closed for feedback

We've reviewed your feedback. Thanks for telling us what you think!

Dec 2018
Share next steps

We've reviewed your feedback and based on what you've said we've shared our next steps.