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This consultation has now closed for feedback. Read the recommendations and Cabinet decisions based on your feedback.
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Business owner
Do you own a business and employ people? You pay an ACC Work levy. Take a look at the proposed changes that need your feedback.
Are you employed by someone and paid wages? You pay an ACC Earners' levy. Take a look at the proposed changes that need your feedback.
Do you own a motorcycle? There are some proposed changes that are likely to impact you, take a look.
Self-employed or contractor
Do you own your own business or pay your own ACC invoices? Take a look at some topics that might impact you.
Vehicle owner
Do you own a vehicle? Whether it’s a passenger vehicle, a business fleet or motorcycle there are some topics that might impact you, take a look.
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Changes confirmed

Should we decrease the average Work Account levy?

Costs in the Work Account went down more than expected, so we’re proposing to decrease the average Work Acount levy.
Changes confirmed

Should we increase the average Motor Vehicle levy?

The number of road accidents, and cost of treatment is increasing. We propose increasing the average Motor Vehicle levy to offset the increasing injury costs.
Changes confirmed

Should we increase the Earners' levy?

The number of accidents happening during everyday activities has increased. So too have the number of people who need our support. We propose increasing the Earners’ levy to make sure we can care for those that need it.
Changes confirmed

Should we increase the maximum and minimum earnings we levy?

We propose increasing the maximum and minimum amounts for levied liable earnings. Let us know what you think.
Changes confirmed

Simplifying our Experience Rating Programme

We’re proposing to simplify our Experience Rating Programme. We’d like to know what you think.
Changes confirmed

Should safe motorcyclists get a rebate?

We’re proposing to run a pilot where motorcyclists can earn an annual $100 rebate for two years on their rego fee if they complete a gold Ride Forever course.
Changes confirmed

Proposed fee changes for the Accredited Employers Programme

We’re proposing five changes to the fees paid in the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP) for the 2019 to 2021 levy period.
Changes confirmed

Should we keep the Motorcycle Safety levy the same?

The Motorcycle Safety Levy (MSL) is currently $25 per motorcycle per year. Should we keep this the same?
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27 Sep 2018
Open for feedback

We were open for feedback from 27 September 2018 to 25 October 2018.

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25 Oct 2018
Closed for feedback

We've reviewed your feedback. Thanks for telling us what you think!

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Nov 2018
Recommendation with Minister

We've reviewed your feedback and based on what you've said we've made recommendations to the Minister. 

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Dec 2018
Changes confirmed

The Minister has reviewed the feedback and our recommendations and decided what changes will come into effect next year. Have a look at each proposal to see the decision.

How levies work

Looking out for each other is very much the New Zealand way. It’s manaakitanga – to take care of each other.

The concept of manaakitanga guides the way we do things at ACC. You can see it in the rehabilitation support and compensation we provide if you’re injured, or the injury prevention programmes we run to stop you getting hurt in the first place.  

However, the cover we provide wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the levies you pay.

Each time you fill up at the pump, pay your rego, get paid or settle your ACC business invoice, you’re paying a levy that’s helping to cover the treatment of those who need it.

What do my levies pay for?

If someone in New Zealand has an accident and we cover their injury, we use your contributions to help pay for and support their recovery. This includes treatment, health, rehabilitation and support services, loss of income or financial help and injury prevention in the community.

Levies pay for the services that provide cover along the complete timeline of an injury.


We work with partners to reduce the incidence of injuries, and promote healthier, safer work environments through education and awareness.


You, or your workers, have immediate access to the necessary care in the event of an injury, as well as temporary cover for loss of income.


The injured person is covered during the recovery process and rehabilitated to enable them to return to work.

We use five accounts to cover specific types of injuries

We use each of our five levy accounts to pay for services and support to help you recover if you're injured in an accident.

Work Account

The Work levy is paid into the Work Account to fund cover for injuries that happen at work.

Earners' Account

The Earners' levy is paid into the Earners’ Account to fund cover for injuries that happen during everyday activities, eg on the sports field or at home doing DIY.

Motor Vehicle Account

The Motor Vehicle levy is paid into the Motor Vehicle Account to fund cover for people injured on public roads involving a moving vehicle.

Non-Earners' Account

There are people in New Zealand who don’t pay levies but still need our support if they’re injured, eg children, beneficiaries, students or visitors to New Zealand. Funding to help them comes from the government through general tax.

Treatment Injury Account

We use the Treatment Injury Account to fund cover for injuries that are caused by, or happen during, medical treatment. It’s funded by both the Earners’ and Non-Earners’ Account depending on whether the injured person is employed.

Have your say on what you pay

These contributions mean you have a stake in ACC. And because of that, we want you to help shape the levies you pay.

Every two years we give everyone in New Zealand an opportunity to give feedback on the proposed changes to levies we charge.

We also use the opportunity to ask you what you think about other incentives we offer to encourage safer living and to get your feedback on things we are looking to explore in the future.

Your feedback is extremely valuable. It helps us confirm some of our proposals as well as challenge our thinking on others.

We’ll present all views to the ACC Board, which then makes a recommendation to the Government, who will make the final call on any levy changes.

Your views can influence the final recommendations we make to the Government.

It’s your opportunity to let us know what’s most important to you.

ACC levy proposals for the 2019 to 2021 levy period
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