Changes confirmed

Should we keep the Motorcycle Safety levy the same?

The Motorcycle Safety Levy (MSL) is currently $25 per motorcycle per year. Should we keep this the same?

Changes confirmed by Government

Cabinet has announced their decisions following our levy consultation. After reviewing your feedback and our recommendations they have agreed with our recommendation to maintain the Motorcycle Safety Levy at $25 per vehicle per annum.

More information

Cabinet's press release

MBIE's document library: Cabinet Minute of Decision: 2019/20 and 2020/21 ACC Levies

Our recommendations to the Minister

What we asked

We asked you what you thought about our proposal to maintain the Motorcycle Safety levy at $25 per vehicle.

What you told us

  • More than half of the submitters supported maintaining the current Motorcycle Safety levy. They told us that they're happy with the initiatives available through the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) programme.
  • Under half of the submitters are opposed to the current levy. They told us that ACC levies are already too high for motorcyclists and that they haven’t seen results from the safety levy to warrant the payment. These submitters advocated either reducing or abolishing the safety levy.

Our recommendation

The ACC Board recommends:

  • Maintaining the Motorcycle Safety Levy at $25 per vehicle.

We acknowledge the feedback received for this proposal. Based on the balance of the support received we're recommending maintaining the Motorcycle Safety Levy. However, we'll undertake further consideration of feedback and suggestions received over the next year and use it to inform our proposals for the Motorcycle Safety Levy in 2020.

All feedback on the Motorcycle Safety Levy will be passed on to the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council (MSAC) and the ACC Road Injury Prevention team for consideration in the future work programme for MSAC.

We'll have a decision from the Government on our recommendations in December.

Our original proposal

We introduced the Motorcycle levy (MSL) in 2011 to fund road safety initiatives for motorcycle and moped riders. The levy is currently $25 per motorcycle, which we collect through vehicle registration.

More information

If you want more detail on this topic and the reason we proposed this, see our full consultation document.

ACC levy proposals for the 2019 to 2021 levy period
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27 Sep 2018
Open for feedback

We were open for feedback from 27 September to 25 October 2018.

25 Oct 2018
Closed for feedback

We've now reviewed your feedback. Thanks for telling us what you think!

Nov 2018
Recommendation with Minister

We've reviewed your feedback and based on what you've said we've made recommendations to the Minister. 

Dec 2018
Changes confirmed

The Minister has reviewed the feedback and our recommendations and decided what changes will come into effect next year. Have a look at the overview to see all the information about the proposal and the decision.