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For the 2017 to 2019 levy period, we’ve received your feedback on our proposal to decrease the petrol levy from 6.9 to 6 cents per litre – a 13% decrease.

Motor Vehicle levies

Your Motor Vehicle levy covers the cost of accidents on public roads involving vehicles.

If you own a petrol vehicle, you pay Motor Vehicle levies in two different ways:

  • petrol at the pump – currently at 6.9 cents per litre
  • as part of your vehicle license (rego) fee.

For non-petrol vehicles, eg diesel, your whole levy is paid through your rego.

How levies work

Any injuries involving vehicles off a public road, eg quad bikes, tractors and off-road bikes are covered by other levies.

Why we levy petrol

Paying part of your motor vehicle levy at the pump is one way we try to make it fairer for all motorists.

The distance you travel

The more you drive, the more at risk you are of an accident, and so the more you pay.

Owners of more than one vehicle

If you own multiple vehicles (such as car enthusiasts who collect cars), you only pay part of the levy based on how much you use each one.

Vehicles without a rego

Unlicensed vehicles (without a rego) make up almost 2% of vehicles on our roads. Collecting a levy through petrol makes sure that they’re still paying towards the cost of injuries.

Feedback and decisions from last year

Most people agree that paying for part of the Motor Vehicle levy through petrol is fair  the more you drive the more you pay. So based on your feedback last year we:

  • kept the petrol levy the same at 6.9 cents per litre
  • increased the motor vehicle levy paid through petrol from 44% to 57%
  • decreased the cost of your rego.

We also used this feedback when deciding on our new proposals for this levy period.

Our proposed changes

Funding for the Motor Vehicle Account is currently in a good position – so we can lower the Motor Vehicle levy for the 2017 to 2019 period. This decrease means you can pay less levies through your petrol and rego.

Our proposal to decrease the petrol levy by 13%, will mean a lower rate from 6.9 to 6 cents per litre.

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