Feedback has closed for Phase 3

This phase has now closed. We’re taking your feedback on board and using it to shape our product development. We’ll share the product designs with you again before we finalise them.

If you'd like to give any further feedback, you can send it to:


Designing our new products

Your people are your most valuable asset. The ACC levy you pay each year helps protect them if they get injured at work.

Too many New Zealanders are still injured or killed at work. That’s why we’re working with our partners to find better ways to have healthier and safer workplaces.

Who we’ve talked to

We’ve met with over 500 businesses like yours, as well as advocacy groups and workers around the country. This has helped us understand:

  • the current reality
  • your key needs
  • how we can do things better.

Purpose of our new products

Our new approach to creating our products has led to some new thinking. We want to better support businesses to create healthier and safer work environments for their workers.

These changes reflect a shift from focusing on compliance to focusing on outcomes. We’re aiming to help people understand the link between injury prevention and the levy you pay. We want all businesses to see the value in preventing injuries.

Key changes to our two proposed products

Both products include these key changes:

  • flexible, connected product and service options. They change with you and encourage continuous improvement
  • more strongly linking the levy you pay, to your own workplace health and safety performance
  • access to tailored ‘joined up’ services and advice from WorkSafe New Zealand and across the health and safety sector. Helping you improve your workplace health and safety.

Give us your feedback

We’re still making changes and improvements to our products. We want you to help shape them further. Give us your feedback so we can keep improving.

Product A

The option for most businesses.

View Product A and give feedback

Product B

For businesses who can show they:

  • have a strong, existing health and safety performance and
  • are willing and able to step into the shoes of ACC. They'll manage their own workers' rehabilitation and claims management.

View Product B and give feedback

Service options for both products

We're proposing an online portal where you can access services, information and advice to help improve your health and safety performance.

View our proposed service options and give feedback

What’s happened to date

See what we’ve learnt and how this has shaped our proposed products:

Phase 1: What we’ve learnt
Phase 2: Our product thinking

Making it easier to have a safer workplace

Talking to businesses like yours, we’ve also learnt more about the barriers you face when making health and safety improvements. So we trialled a co-investment grant in the construction, healthcare and social assistance sectors. This aims to help businesses reduce the barriers they sometimes face when making improvements.

Find out more and see if you’re eligible.

Helping to pay for workplace safety training
Helping to buy aid equipment for your workplace

What’s next

We'll finish our engagement with you for phase 3 on 10 June 2018. Your feedback will be used to develop and improve our products further. The product designs will be shared with you again before we finalise them.

We also plan to keep developing this initial set of products once they’re rolled out. For example, at a later stage, we may consider a new product aimed at businesses with more complex operating environments (eg multi-entity businesses).

Submissions have closed