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This phase has now closed. We’re taking your feedback on board and using it to shape our product development. We’ll share the product designs with you again before we finalise them.

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Product B

These businesses will:

  • show strong, existing health and safety performance
  • drive continuous improvement in workplace health and safety
  • have the financial resource and strength to invest in injury prevention
  • manage successful workplace rehabilitation and claims for their workers
  • deliver positive experiences for their workers. Involving them in both injury prevention and recovery
  • deliver great rehabilitation and claims management outcomes on behalf of ACC.

Product B will build on the current Accredited Employers Programme. We'll look to introduce this in April 2020 to all businesses accepted into this new product.

How Accredited Employers Programme (AEP) works

Proposed key features

Managing your workers' injuries and claims

This programme will build on the existing Accredited Employers Programme (AEP). Businesses that are part of AEP are responsible for managing workers’ injuries and claims if they have an injury at work.

Taking responsibility for managing claims

Managing your workers’ injuries and claims means:

  • making decisions efficiently on whether their injury is covered so it doesn't impact or slow down their recovery
  • paying all costs relating to the claim on time. This covers support, treatment and rehabilitation under the Accident Compensation Act 2001, eg paying weekly compensation when they can’t work
  • managing your workers' injuries and helping with their rehabilitation
  • learning from injuries to drive continuous improvement to prevent the injury from happening again
  • making sure the performance of Third Party Administrators (where used) meet ACC Standards. They should deliver positive rehabilitation outcomes to workers, including worker satisfaction surveys.
Clear entry criteria to confirm strong health and safety performance

We'll base the entry requirements for Product B on your existing health and safety performance. This includes assessments and improvement plans to make sure your business commits to best practice.

Entry criteria for Product B

The application process will need the following:

  • support from workers and representatives of the business being in the programme. It should include their views on:

    • the level of engagement with workers in planning and implementing initiatives to improve health and safety
    • the quality of injury management service provided by the employer.
  • demonstrated sustained health and safety performance before applying
  • commitment from the business and all subsidiaries (with workers) to enter the product
  • a performance assessment completed by an independent assessor to identify areas requiring investment. This focuses on outcomes and contributes to your improvement plan. The assessor will review:

    • leadership
    • worker engagement
    • risk management.
  • a three-year improvement plan. This outlines the areas and outcomes you plan to invest in to reduce injuries and drive a culture of continuous improvement. This plan contributes to measuring performance once in the product
  • a single point of contact in the business. They'll be responsible for the implementation, management and monitoring of the programme. This is across the business and their subsidiaries
  • certification of either the business (if self-managed) or a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) to manage rehabilitation and claims for workers
  • demonstration of ongoing financial strength
  • evidence of best practice in safety systems (process and policies). We'll accept equivalent audits or you’ll need an independent assessment.
Certification to deliver injury rehabilitation

Businesses can deliver their own injury rehabilitation and claims management for their workers. Or use a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). You'll need certification if you deliver these services.

Becoming certified to deliver injury rehabilitation

Certification makes sure the right systems, processes and policies are in place. It also means your business can deliver on the outcomes set by the programme. This includes worker satisfaction.

You’ll need to be certified every year (this may change at a later date). This includes:

  • staff delivering rehabilitation outcomes that they’re qualified to deliver (including skills and knowledge)
  • identifying training and learning objectives that will drive improvement and customer satisfaction.

We’ll monitor certification performance using a set of standards. These will be monitored by:

  • ACC – for businesses who self-manage claims
  • you – where TPAs manage claims on your behalf.

We'll publish all businesses and TPAs who have met the certification criteria on

Tailoring your cover policy

Being able to tailor your cover policy will depend on your assessments and what works best for your business. It will be easier to tailor this once your business has been in the product for a longer period of time.

When we renew your annual contract, we’ll assess your performance as a business. We’ll match your performance with your agreed outcomes, and ask for feedback from your workers and stakeholders. This assessment then informs how you can build and tailor your cover policy to your business every year.

How we might tailor your cover policy

For example:

As a high-performing business delivering great outcomes, you're driving improvements in your health and safety capability. This happens across your businesses and into the wider system. So, you'll have a suite of options you can choose from.

You may choose to accept a greater liability and take on more risk. Or, you may choose to reduce your risk profile as your business is growing and changing.

It’s up to you to decide. You're in the best position to understand all the pressures and opportunities you‘ll be facing.

Monitoring and benchmarking health and safety performance

Businesses will need to track their performance against a range of outcomes.

Tracking your performance

You’ve told us that being able to share your health and safety performance with others is valuable. You’ll be able to access your health and safety performance through an online portal. You can monitor your performance and share your results with:

  • workers and potential workers
  • supply partners and contractors
  • customers.

To monitor your performance, you’ll need to:

  • provide regular updates on business performance objectives set through your improvement plan
  • enable us to assess the effectiveness and learnings from key milestones or projects
  • demonstrate how you manage and resolve complaints and fraud activities
  • manage performance and resolve any issues for services provided by another provider. Eg Third Party Administrators
  • run and share with us a satisfaction survey to assess the quality of service provided every year. The survey is for workers who have had a workplace injury over the last 12 months
  • continue to demonstrate financial strength. Manage the liability options you want to accept for your worker's injuries
  • run targeted monitoring where there are concerns about your performance. This could be:
    • a specific review using an audit tool
    • a one-on-one meeting
    • an appropriate assessment tool to help us have confidence that the issue is being looked at.

If you need monitoring, the programme will look at creating an equivalent so there's less duplication. This could be through audits or assessment tools such as SafePlus.

In the future, we hope to expand performance capabilities. This will help you to understand how you compare to other businesses in your sector and the programme.

Policy renewal

We'll connect your policy renewal to your performance. This is measured against your improvement plan and the outcomes we set. How long your renewal period is and your ability to tailor the cover policy depends on your performance.

Opportunity to lead and influence health and safety

Product B allows businesses to share learnings with others. They can position themselves as leaders in the health and safety space. We expect businesses within Product B to share their learnings and development. Sharing these encourage others to improve their health and safety.

Service options for Product A and B

We're proposing a portal where you can access services, information and advice to help improve your health and safety performance.

Our proposed service options

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