Recommendations to the Minister

Should we increase the levy for non-work injuries?

The number of accidents happening during everyday activities and those who need our support is growing. We propose increasing the levy employees pay for non-work injuries.

The Earners' Account

We propose increasing the Earners’ levy rate for workers from from $1.21 per $100 wages to $1.27 in 2022/23, $1.33 in 2023/24 and $1.39 in 2024/25.

The levy collected for the Earners’ Account is used to support injuries to workers that occur outside of work, but not in road crashes. 

For example, a worker injured while riding a trail bike on a farm, playing sport or doing some DIY around the house would be paid from the Earners’ Account. The Non-Earners’ Account – not part of this consultation – covers similar injuries for those who are not currently employed.

The proposed changes and background information are outlined below. For a more in-depth look at how we arrived at the recommended levy rates, see our detailed pricing report.

Earners' Account detailed pricing report

Injury prevention programmes and partnerships

We’re investing in a range of programmes to help prevent injuries from happening and reduce costs to the ACC Scheme.

  • We partner with communities to support what they’re doing on injury and violence prevention.
  • Our ACC SportSmart initiative helps everyone from competitive athletes to weekend warriors get the most out of their game and stay injury free.
  • We lead and support prevention programmes such as Mates and Dates to support young people and the people around them experience safe, healthy and respectful relationships.
  • We partner with the Health Quality and Safety Commission, Ministry of Health, local community health providers, home carers and community groups across the country to provide the Live Stronger for Longer movement programme to help older people with their fitness and flexibility in order to prevent injuries from falls.
  • We’re working with a range of government agencies to reduce traumatic brain injuries.

Increasing injury costs

The increasing injury costs is mainly driven by increases in injuries requiring time off work to recover and increases in the number of sensitive claims (mental injury caused by certain criminal acts).  Recovery period for injuries have been increasing which is also increasing costs. 

The impact of economic changes and the updated Funding Policy Statement have not fully offset these cost pressures which has resulted in the proposed increase in the average levy rate.

Our recommended levy rates

The recommended levy rate for earners is $1.27 per $100 of liable earnings for 2022/23, $1.33 for 2023/24 and $1.39 for 2024/25 (plus GST).

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These results are estimates based on the proposed levy rates and will be subject to Cabinet's final decisions and any changes to your income over the next three years.

1 Sep 2021
Open for feedback

Tell us what you think about our proposals.

5 Oct 2021
Consultation closes

We’ll review and consider all feedback submitted to us.

Nov 2021
Recommendations to the Minister

Taking account of what you tell us, we’ll make recommendations on levy rates to the Minister for ACC.

Dec 2021
Final decisions by Government

The Government will make the decision on final levy rates, which will take effect next year and be in place for three years.